Our company, which was founded in Afghanistan in 2004 by electrical engineer Tufan Öztürk, was founded in Poland in 2019 under the name EUROPE CONSTRUCTION TECHNIC to continue its activities in Europe.


EUROPE CONSTRUCTION TECHNIC is steadily growing and updating its technical adequacy and capacity on new and daring projects with its highly qualified and experienced technical staff composed of architects, civil, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers, professional safety and QC staff. Additional qualified staff and skilled labor is consistently added to the team as projects dictate. New technology and equipment geared toward cutting construction times and budgets are being introduced regularly. This is accomplished without sacrificing safety and quality. Since its creation, EUROPE CONSTRUCTION TECHNIC has successfully completed a multitude of construction projects throughout Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. These projects include Infrastructures and superstructures consisted of Investigation, civil, structural, architectural works, HVAC, Fire Suppression, high/med./low voltage electrical systems, interior electrical systems, communication lines, AT/FP projects, fueling systems, lightning systems, fencing, road and drainage construction, trade and industrial complexes, apartments, irrigation and numerous other special construction projects. These were all completed without injury, on time and within budgetary constraints.


Tufan Öztürk, the owner of the company, started in 1997 in the sector. In 2003, His abroad work adventure was started with Baghdad Green Zone American Embassy. Tufan Öztürk established his own company in Afghanistan in 2008 and completed quality works.


* Switchgear Yard in Gölcük TURKEY - 1997

* Baghdad US Embassy / BAGHDAD - 2003

* Coca Cola Plant / AFGHANISTAN - 2004

* Marshall Paint Factory, in Almaty / KAZAKHISTAN - 2005
* HSBC Bank Branch, in Atyrau / KAZAKHISTAN - 2006
* HSBC Bank Branch, in Astana / KAZAKHISTAN - 2006

* Citymart Shopping Centre, in Baku / AZERBAIJAN - 2007
* Nabran Hotel Complex, in Nabran / AZERBAIJAN - 2007
* Wooden Bolluk Restoran, in Baku / AZERBAIJAN - 2008
* Codest Four Season Hotel Mobilization, in Baku / AZERBAIJAN - 2008
* Mariot Hotel Mobilization, in Baku / AZERBAIJAN - 2008

* Afghan National Army ANA Garrison Base, in Jalalabad / AFGHANISTAN - 2008

* US BAF (Baghram Air Field) Mainholes Renevation, in Kabul / AFGHANISTAN - 2008
* US Communication Centre, New Kabul Compoıund (NKC) and Technical Control Facility (TCF), in Kabul / AFGHANISTAN - 2009
* Refectory in ISAF, Kabul / AFGHANISTAN - 2010
* Coca Cola Administration Building, in Kabul / AFGHANISTAN - 2011

* RIXOS Otel and Golf Area, in Quba / AZERBAIJAN - 2013

* Asgaabad International Airport / TÜRKMENİSTAN - 2015

* FGP/WPMP - MWP Project - Tengiz KAZAKHISTAN - 2018

* Nato Base, Powidz / POLAND -2019